About Us

Welcome to Medcok International UK LTD

MEDCOK INTERNATIONAL UK LTD Medcok international ltd is a professional hygiene disposable products supplier, established since 2007 . Our long time experience and developments is providing complete hygiene solutions for many industrial sectors, ranging from food manufacturing, healthcare and beauty. Our brand is recognized and trusted in world wide. Through this focus on innovation and partnership, the COK brand is growing and earning new milestones every year. We take care to deliver rigorous management of quality throughout all processes to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained until the final product is received and beyond. We are committed to offer cost effective solutions by having a thorough understanding of each market and its requirements. With excellence the goal of everything we do, we bring our insight and experience to adapt to each customer’s requirements and situation. Our aim throughout is customer satisfaction. We are committed to offering a wide range of products to allow our customers to confidently procure from a single reliable source. We pride ourselves on ethical working practices, backed by robust corporate and social responsibility that covers all of our dealings with customers employees and the environment.